Color Fall

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Hit blocks with a ball to color them and destroy them


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Color Fall is a pretty simple arcade that invites you to color different blocks while a ball falls from the upper part of the screen. This simple gameplay lets you add points that you can use to unlock new challenges.

Controls in Color Fall are also pretty easy-to-use. All you have to do is to tap on the screen to move from one side of the setting to the other. This technique helps you make sure that the ball crashes against certain blocks and not others. Careful though, keep in mind that you can only touch the colorless blocks. If the ball actually touches a block in its same color, it'll be game over for you.

It should be noted that Color Fall shows you the percentage you've completed at each level. This feature helps you figure out how long you've still got left in order to complete each challenge.

Try to beat your own record while you hit the different blocks! As you continue advancing through the levels, the color will change and you'll have to focus even more plan your moves ahead.